Consumer Awareness in an Internet Banking Environment

Awareness of how fraudsters try to trick people into giving out personal information is the first line of defense in protecting yourself on-line.

Protect your access information.  For security reasons, your electronic banking credentials (log in, password, security questions and answers) should never be disclosed to anyone.  If anyone contacts you requesting this information, do not provide the information.  Please call the bank immediately (866-345-3373) to report the incident.  Lake City Federal Bank does not and will not contact you, in any way, to ask for your electronic banking access information.

Attention business owners.  Fraudsters don't only target personal accounts; they often try to get small and medium size business information.  Business accounts with a large number of transactions can sometimes make it easier for fraud to go undetected for a longer period of time.  the higher balances typically in business accounts also make these accounts attractive to fraudsters.  Business owners using online banking services should periodically assess their Internet banking risks and evaluate the controls they have in place to help protect their accounts and business information.

Review your account statements.  Lake City Federal bank uses multi-factor authentication and layered security, as set by industry standards, to help assure the safety of your Internet transactions.  If you notice any suspicious activity on your account, see any transactions that are not familiar to you, or suspect any security-related issue with your account, call the bank immediately (866-345-3373) to report the situation.

Consumer protection and liability.  The Federal Reserve Board's Regulation "E" (Electronic Funds Transfer Act) sets specific rules that banks must follow when conducting electronic transactions.  Regulation "E" gives consumers some protection against Internet banking losses based on when the loss is detected and reported to the bank.

For additional information on Electronic Funds Transfers, Your Right and Responsibilities, see the account disclosure that was provided to you when you opened your account or contact a member of our Customer Service staff at 866-345-3373.

Learn more about on-line safety and security at the following websites:

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