Telephone Banking 2017

Lake City Federal Bank's Telephone Banking System

Access your accounts 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by phone.

1-877-933-5253 (Toll Free)

Telephone Banking Services

With Telephone Banking, account information is at your fingertips. Telephone Banking functions include:

Getting Started With Telephone Banking

  1. Enter the Telephone Banking telephone number, 1-877-933-5253 (Toll Free) on your touch-tone phone.


  2. Following the Telephone Banking instructions, you will need to enter your:

    • Account Number: For checking, line of credit, savings and certificates, use the last ten digits of the account number on your customer statement or certificate document (do not use dashes). For mortgage and consumer loan accounts use the Telephone Banking account number shown on your payment coupon book or statement.
    • Password: Using the Telephone Banking menu options you may change the pre-defined password to one of your own choosing. The Telephone Banking password ensures the confidentiality of your account information.


  3. Select Your Option: From here select any of the Telephone Banking account options including account inquiries, funds transfer, and fax back services. For fax back service have your fax number handy.